Monday, February 7, 2011

Valentine's Day for Him

I had such a fabulous cyber-time last year guest blogging for my friends over a un refinery and since their post here on StyleMayvin for Valentine's Day was so well received, we thought it would be a spectacular idea to do it again! These guys really know their stuff ladies so if you're still mulling over what to get your special guy for the big day, here's a few ideas!

un refinery: Guys generally have no idea where to start with fragrance, which explains why the purveyors of crap like Axe Body Spray successfully prey upon so many of us. At the same time, however, women have a tough time choosing scents that we're comfortable wearing. Here are a couple of safe options to consider:

1. Ralph Lauren Big Pony Collection (around $50/2.5 oz) -- a great, affordable way to get started with fragrance. While we continue to ridicule all clothing bearing the comically huge pony logo, this line is really fresh and wearable. Most critics carry on about the musky #2 mix, which seems formulated for evenings in and is very nice, but for everyday wear we like the clean and modern #4 with its subtle citrus edge.

2. Creed Green Irish Tweed (around $120/2.5 oz) -- the créme de la créme with a price tag to match. A delicious and almost universally appreciated mix of masculine spices and sandalwood with sophisticated, subtle floral hints. Originally created for Cary Grant, we're told. If that's a bulls**t story, well, at least it's a good one, and this intoxicating stuff is worthy of a leading man for sure.

Finally, whichever you choose, get the man some Mitchum anti-perspirant ($4), which has no scent whatsoever. The last thing you want after carefully selecting a fragrance you both enjoy is to have it completely overpowered by his Old Speed Stick Spice Fresh Burst Extreme Power Sport deodorant.


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