Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Putting it "All On the Line"

Ok...so I'm a mini-stalker! I've been stalking out Joe Zee (Elle Magazine's creative Director) who has a new show premiering TONIGHT on the Sundance channel. I'm a huge fan of the publication so when I heard that Mr. Zee, the mind behind the pages was slated to have his own show, "All On The Line", I began to dig and dig (very fashionably) through the Sundance website for more info. That was a few months ago... fast forward to early March. I began seeing previews on Sundance about the show and I must say...it sent shivers up my spine! I know that sounds crazy but I'm coo-coo for fashion! I just love that it seems Zee is not a "meanie" like many of the reality hosts can be and even regular fashion professionals in real life can be for that matter... The preview spots present him more as a "Tim Gunn" type, if I am allowed to compare two of the fashion industry's greatest.

I am psyched about the idea of seeing designers be able to create what's in their hearts and minds with the guidance of a REAL fashion guru. The premise of this weekly show is that Zee will meet with a designer who's having "challenges" with his/her clothing line and through "tough love" and a lot of inspiration, he helps them get their business back on track.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm still a huge fan of Project Runway which should be starting a new season very soon but I must admit that Sundance definitely has their finger on the pulse of fashion with the Love Lust series (I spent all day Saturday watching this...) and Full Frontal Fashion. I am now almost hooked on watching nothing but Sundance...who knew? Want to follow me for LIVE tweets for the premiere of "All On The Line"? Please do! You know I love to talk fashion! Look me up...@therealtstrong.

Tune in tonight for the premiere of "All on the Line" at 10pm EST.


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