Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sip-n-See Cherolet Cruze Part 2

I thoroughly enjoyed driving the Chevrolet Cruze (Charlene), so here's a look at my top 5 features...from the StyleMayvin point of view.

#1 I found a perfect space to store my Chanel sunglasses!  Honestly, this is a great thing for a fashionista who's always on the go and needs to keep her style in check while while.

#2 Of course a busy career woman like myself needs to be able to recharge my phone at a moments notice or plug it in and use as an mpg player.  The USB port, AUX and easy access phone charger outlet (formerly known as the cigarette lighter) enabled me to be sure I was always powered on and ready to go!

#3 Hands free is the rule in most states so having the ability to sync your phone via the Bluetooth application and speak to callers without having to worry about getting a ticket certainly comes in handy. 

#4 With most compact cars, the location of the cup holders usually drives me insane!  Since there is limited space, automotive designers often put the cup holders in interesting, yet annoying locations.  The Cruze cup holders can be found on the side door panels which is perfect for storing an extra bottled water and provides easy access for back set passengers.  Loved it!

# 5 Last but not least...Trunk Space.  Again, many compact's cannot boast having a ton of truck space but the Cruze was perfect for me...especially for the Sip-n-See because I was able to carry around a case of Vitamin Water and a few other essentials.

Now...What about the Men?  Well, guys are an "interesting" breed because instead of checking out the interior first, they tend to go right for the engine.  See what I mean?  You can tell my neighbors love it when I get a new car to review right?  They'll be happy to know there's more to come!


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