Shoe Sale!

I love strolling through the local malls and boutiques because i can always find something I love. The other day i walked in to Saks Off Fifth at Concord Mills mall and to my surprise there was a fabulous shoes sale going on. I thought I would be nice and share the news and not keep all the haute-ness to myself. The sale will continue through Nov. 29. With all ladies shoes at 40 percent off so if you're in Charlotte, I would suggest getting there as soon as possible.

I also spotted the perfect pair of animal print shoes shoes by 5/48, which is actually one of the Saks brands. Animal print, especially leopard, is all the rage this season, so there's no way you can go wrong with these babies priced at $77.99.

Although I rarely wear my Ugg's other than to walk the pooch, I thought these were really cute! You can never go wrong with Jimmy Choo right? And the price really makes me smile...Originally $599, these are now $225.99 PLUS an additional 40% Off!


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