Valentine's Day For My Man

Every year around this time, I partner up with my friends at unrefinery to make sure that both "sexes" are In the KNOW...about what to purchase their sweetheart for Valentine's Day. Ladies, pay attention! This is expert advice from some of the most fashionable men I know. Enjoy!

unrefinery: Most guys, we're guessing, don't own any proper pajamas. Judging at least by what you find in "sleepwear" and "loungewear" departments on men's clothing sites, most of us have settled on t-shirts and boxers... which is fine, but it sort of suggests that we give up on style once we get home. It's unfortunate because nice jammers as comfortable as anything you could possibly wear, while at the same time echoing a sort of old-school elegance as seen in classic cinema. Rear Window is probably the greatest pajama movie of all time, featuring Jimmy Stewart's "Jeff" Jeffries laid up with his broken leg sporting at least a half a dozen different great pairs.

And if that's the style you want to go for -- skip cashmere or silk and go with cotton broadcloth. Piping and lapels are classic touches that add extra awesome. And don't be afraid to buy even a really picky guy a pair of pajamas -- he might be picky as hell about what he wears in public, but if you stick with simple blue or white jammies you can't go wrong. And don't forget to show how much you appreciate him wearing them!

Shown left to right: Brooks Brothers, $99. Derek Rose, $128 at Sierra Trading Post.

To see my suggestion to the men about what us ladies might fancy, check out my Valentine's Day post on


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