Sunday, March 11, 2012

Genesis Style 3.8

Once again, the StyleMayvin has had the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of being one of the press elite members! guessed it, here's another fabulous auto review, the SM way.

Hyundai has certainly come a long way and when I had the opportunity to drive the Genesis, I was completely sold. When this Korean owned and manufactured automotive company decided to take a stab at luxury car making, they won! Not every auto manufacturer and designer can do that successfully, but they did and really proved their critics wrong.

When I drove Gina Genesis (yes...that's her name) over to FOX News on the day I went to talk awards show fashion, my co-hosts for the segment fell in love. And rightfully so... Check out the always dapper David Watkins as he plays around with some of the cars features.

And, not to be outdone, my friend and fellow FOX News personality, Joey Hewell had a great time adjusting the XM Satellite Radio.

The Genesis was not only a joy to drive, the handsome styling was a head turner for sure. I started to wonder if people were just noticing my personal beauty more or if it was the fabulosity of the car! Literally, at almost every stop light, I was being ogled. And, coming in at just over $43k, the model I drove for the week in twilight pearl blue and cashmere colored interior, proved to be one of the easiest, sexiest, most comfortable cars to drive. I mean, the photo opps alone excited me...See!

While conducting a highway driving test, I was able to not only feel the power and responsive throttle that called for an extremely quick acceleration, even while wearing my favorite heels. Well, of course this pic was taken just before I headed out for the day to show Gina off but you catch my drift.

When my family and I made a day trip out of town, I noticed that the Genesis literally almost drove itself. The smart cruise control allowed me to drive for over 75 miles without ever touching the accelerator or brake while the car automatically kept a safe distance from the cars in front me and those moving into my lane. One safety feature that came in really handy was the LDWS - Lane Departure Warning System. Sometimes on a long drive, like most divas, I get a little distracted with my thoughts of fashion grandeur so when I slightly drifted into the lane next to me, the warning beep sounded to keep me alert. Needless to say, since I was traveling with my husband and kids, the LDWS was a awesome feature to have.

What was most interesting to me on our trip was that most of the small talk during my family gathering was about the Genesis; ironically, not solely amongst the men. Women can definitely spot a good thing when they see it, especially from a styling perspective.

While most of my family know that I drive a Mercedes S500 and there were Cadillacs, BMW's and a few other luxury car brands in the driveway, the conversation seemed to always come back to Gina Genesis! That goes to show just how impressive she looked. Even my 13 year old son preferred to spend his time inside the car with his iPod plugged in, enjoying the crystal clear sound of the vehicle's 17 speakers. To his surprise, my husband made it a point to school him on the fact that this car boasts an extremely impressive Lexicon System, also used only by Rolls Royce. Now that's what I call major style at an affordable price!

From the exterior color with a little added sparkle, to the clean lines of the interior, this car is one of the most stylish I've driven yet. The attention to detail like this convenient little place to keep track of my keys, was simply amazing.

I was continually impressed by the features of this car and simply cannot say enough about the convenience of the air tight cabin, what with all of the usual outside noise on the streets and highways. Case and point, I was actually able to continue a phone conversation without missing a beat, using the hands free Bluetooth feature of course, while a passing fire truck in active duty flew by. Amazing!

In all, this car is perfect for the "lazy" driver who can enjoy the many conveniences of it's assisted driving capabilities and is just as ideal for the power loving enthusiast but most importantly, it has all the bells and whistles any fashionistas would love and learn very quickly as I did, that she doesn't want to live without. Plus, for the ladies like me who believe in looking your best both day and night, Gina Genesis sure knows how to turn up the heart and put on an evening glow. Just look at that gotta love it!

I could go on and on about the Genesis all day but hey...why not try it for yourself? With all the standard and extra amenities available, let's just say, for me, this car was very hard to send back to the fleet so on our final day together, I put on my most casual, yet stylish look for one last shot.


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