Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Big Issue or Small Potatoes

I'm not real big on getting into the politics of things but when it comes to this particular issue, I am intrigued to know what my readers think.

2013 US Teams Olympic Uniforms for the opening ceremonies made in China? Should we be offended? Maybe? Maybe not? You be the judge.

*Photo Credit: Ralph Lauren via Associated Press

The Ralph Lauren designed 2013 US teams ceremonial uniforms look very American to me. What with the rich navy blue color and structured design but did you ever really put any thought into where they were manufactured? In previous years (2008, 2010), the RL designed uniforms were made abroad as well but I can't recall hearing a single word about it. So what's all the hub bub now? Some are beyond offended, maybe because it's an election year, while others couldn't seem to care less.

In a recent interview I saw on CNN, New York designer Nanette Lepore said American manufacturers could have made the Olympic uniforms saying there are “factories just dying for this kind of an opportunity.” Lepore, who says she manufactures all of her clothes in the US said producing this merchandise abroad is not much cheaper than making them here, domestically. “Because we’re representing America, this is an opportunity to show off our manufacturing skills,” she said.

What do you think?


This issue definitely causes you to think about something that is often taken lightly. Being a "fashion chick" myself... could normally care less where my clothes are made as long as they're hot! But it is certainly relative when adding our country's representation into the mix. When it comes to the Olympics and does send a message of not supporting our own. I would have to agree with Miss Lepore... if it's not that serious, American's definitely should have been employed. I don't think any other country would have done the same.

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