Saturday, July 14, 2012

Born In Italy-Coming To America

This post is for all my men out there who love to have something exclusive. Italian made shoes? Gotta love Pantofola d'Oro for men!

Originally manufacturers of bespoke shoes for wrestlers and football (soccer) shoes made in Italy, they moved over into the mainstream and began offering luxury footwear for men and women.

Now, making their way to the U.S., I predict this shoe will take it's place as one of the most sought after designs this season. Even Adam Levine is a fan!

Wanna have the moves like Levine? Get his Pantofola d'Oro shoe!

Other celebs are catching on too...

But hey...don't get a pair just because they're a coveted celebrity item, do it for the ladies. Guys, your shoes are always one of the first things a woman notices. Give her something to remember you by.

Here are two of my favorites and I'm thinking "the Mr" would look even sexier than usual in any one of these!


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