Saturday, July 14, 2012

Born In Italy

The Ballerina slipper.

Ever wonder how long it's been around? Well, this comfy little leather shoe surfaced in the 16th century and recently I came across an Italian company, Pantofola d'Oro that's been in business since 1886. I'd have to say they are definitely professionals when it comes to shoe making and I was intrigued by the designs they offer. So, of course I had to share. Enjoy!

My favorite new boat shoe!
"Pantofola d’Oro presents the “comme à bord….” collection, created by the designer Juan Carlos Cantos. The over-dyed, treated leathers, combined with exclusive canvas re-interpret the sailor-style ballerina flats used between the 50s and 60s by Cadaques fishermen which soon became a cult item for hedonists of the times."


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