Monday, July 16, 2012

Color Obsessed: Mustang-Auto Review

Lime Green or "Gotta Have It Green" as some may refer to it, has made me look at riding in style on a nice summer day totally differently.

There's nothing like a pop of color to spice up any look but what happens when you take one of the seasons hottest colors and encompass your entire body in it? Well I can say from experience, you'll receive much deserved attention from every angle and with "Mikki" Mustang leading the way, we did just that!

My readers know that I properly name every car I review and the name "Mikki" suited the Ford 2013 V-6 Mustang Coupe ($35,100) perfectly.

As soon as I laid eyes on her twin during my recent trip to Detroit for the "Go Further with Ford 2012" event, I immediately thought of this perfectly elegant Diane Von Furstenberg Shizuka Ruffle Silk Dress (Sale $178)

It's just enough style to say, "I'm sexy and chic" but bold enough to let onlookers know, "I mean business!"

With that said, I knew that upon my return to NJ, I was destined to spend more time in her presence and when Mikki came for a visit, we hit the ground running.

The Satin Black Tape Stripe and Mustang emblem on the grill were the perfect accessories...and to complete the look, 19" Grey Painted Aluminum Wheels.

But the most talked about, most photographed-by-strangers-on-the-street feature was the Heated Mirror PTD with Pony Lamp. Basically, when I opened the door at night a "mini gobo" of a mustang pony shown on the ground. Needless to say, my son was thoroughly impressed and took to twitter with the pix he snapped using his cell phone.

I was back to being the "cool mom" to my college age son, thanks to Mikki and I had so much fun showing her off that I hated to see her go.

But just before she returned to the fleet, of course we just had to do a little shopping and wouldn't you know it, she had to show off her curves even then. With the enormous trunk space, she made sure I wouldn't be spending another summer day without the cool breeze from an air conditioner.

She's like a flashy yet classy girlfriend and I miss her already!

Other favorite StyleMayvin features include:
-Leather Trim Sport Seats
-Split Fold Rear Seats
-Rear Video Camera
-Reverse Park Assist Comfort Package
-SOD Post Crash Alert System
-23 MPG (19 City, 31 Highway)

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