Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Comfort Over Conformity

Ever think about what life would be like if your feet no longer had to mold to your shoes, rather your foot would lead the shoe?

Well, that's exactly what Karl Toonsbuy of Denmark set out to do when he created Ecco Shoes. So successful in his venture that he is considered to have "pioneered a revolution in footwear."

I've heard people refer to "sensible" shoes and that usually equates to something maybe, not so trendy or fabulous but thank goodness for practical, yet stylish shoes like the designs you find by Ecco Shoes from Meeks Shoes.

For instance, the Ecco Deck Shoe looks great on, its stylish and I've been told, it's extremely comfortable to wear.

A great option for women who are unable to or simply don't want to wear stilettos but still want to be on trend, I found this Low Heel Pump to be an awesome option. The light denim color with gradating darker denim on the toe and heel give the shoe that extra something special and it's the perfect way to complete your professional, chic look.

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