Monday, July 2, 2012

The Drive - Go Further

The last day in Detroit for the Go Further with Ford event let the stunt driver in me come out! Yes...I'm a girly girl but when it comes to the driving experience, I get a thrill out of going fast, furiously in a lime green muscle car! Yup...I can drive a manual stick shift with ease!

I absolutely ran, not walked to the Ford Mustang because along with speed, it's just a beautifully crafted classic car. Above all, my fashion girls know that there's nothing better than a classic piece!!! With fabulous trend colors from green to blue, I simply couldn't resist.

Who knew driving a cop car, the 2013 Police Interceptor could be sexy? I found out that the power behind the wheel is definitely greater than being in the back seat...not that I've ever been back there...

Another experience Ford provided that rated really high on my list was the Raptor off roading experience. Now when my behind popped up off the seat after hitting a mud bump at speeds unknown, I had to rethink my dress choice for the day but hey, at least it matched my helmet! Black and white always works and the Raptor is a beast!

Check out a snippet of me just before my bumpy journey.

YouTube Video

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