Monday, July 30, 2012

Finely Crafted Footwear

If you thought the days of handmade quality in footwear was over...think again!

Men, this is an especially good day for you because I have found a very classic collection of mens leather shoes by Crockett and Jones.

Founded in 1879 in Northampton, Crockett & Jones specializes in manufacturing high quality footwear in 3 ranges. The Hand Grade Collection, Main Collection and Shell Cordovan Collection and women... You weren't left out! They also create a small collection of shoes for us as well. And they're especially cute if you're into the boyfriend, wingtip look like I am!

You just cannot convince me that the most dapper gentlemen can't pull off that red suede shoe (above) with ease! I already personally know a couple who could sport them without even a second thought.

Now my hubby...he's one of those men who can really appreciate the level of options offered by Crockett and Jones because he actually knows what a "last" is and how to choose the best one for him. Gotta love a man who knows his shoes! And if you're unfamiliar with the term, start doing your research now!

So... let's get right down to the good part! My personal favorites.

From the Hand Grade Collection
"Atherstone, a full brogue oxford with bold punching design. Made from the finest calf leather or calf suede with bark tanned single leather soles."

From the Men's Main Collection
I picked two styles here because I just couldn't stand to leave either one un-noticed.
"Hartland, an unlined chukka boot featuring contrast coloured stictching and laces. Made from soft suede and single Dainite rubber soles with a natural coloured welt."

I'm starting to think that just maybe, I might be in love with wingtips! These are just haute!
"Drummond, a brogue oxford shoe with wingtip design and light punching detail. Made from the finest calf leather and suede with single leather soles for the Men's Main Collection."

Shell Cordovan Collection
And yet another wingtip style...
"Gerrard, a two-tone oxford spectator shoe, featuring wing tip design and punch pattern on the toe. Made from the finest calf leather and canvas with single leather soles."

What do I most enjoy about picking out men's shoes? Well, often I imagine what the rest of his look will consist of as well. My readers know that for me, it all begins with the shoe and then I build from there. With that said, the guys who can rock any of the shoes I've picked (especially the red ones above) could more than likely win any street style, GQ style or professional style contest on any given day. Yup...that's the "stylist" in me talking but it is so true!


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