Thursday, July 12, 2012

iPhone Dressing

After an almost unheard of track record (for me) of not dropping my cell phone in 5 months, it finally happened. My iPhone's first experience with concrete! Gasp!

Once I joyfully realized I had not destroyed this thing I almost live by, my thought was, how on earth have I gone this long without getting a case for it. But then I remembered... It had to be the perfect case. Not just anything would do for this stylish yet busy entrepreneur!

And so...the search began. It also ended rather quickly because I stumbled upon what is now one of my new favorite websites: Zazzle! With so many different options that will fit any personality, I was in "tech-style" heaven. So when I thought I couldn't add just one more possible case option to my growing list, there it was. Like the coveted shoe, in your size (no less), that you've been lusting after for weeks and its finally on sale?!? Yes, Zazzle has the ability to personalize. Double Gasp!

And without further adieu..may I present, my iPhone's first "structured coat":

I could barely get it out of the box without giggling!

And I must say, this was one of the most seamless, almost effortless online ordering experiences I've ever had!

My new case is comfortable to hold, it's wearing my name and it looks absolutely GORG! Wouldn't you agree? want one! Here are a few more of my favorites! Go get yours today!

Tutu Grunge

Funny Phone Booth

Personalized Vintage Mixtape

Pink Skull

- Posted using my Awesome iPhone "Dressed in Zazzle"


Love it. Visiting the website TODAY!

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