Monday, July 16, 2012

The JV Man

Do you wanna know who makes one of the best button down shirts for men in the business? John Varvatos!

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And it doesn't end with shirts either!

In my former life as a retail buyer for Nautica Enterprises in early 2000, I was able to get an up close and personal look at the design process of the John Varvatos collection. Incidentally, Nautica, the parent company of JV (now owned by VF Corp) worked very closely with the man himself to make the magic happen.

I'm still a fan of his and even more so having experienced his professional opinions offered alongside other style icons, Jessica Simpson and Nicole Richie on the hit Fashion TV show, "Fashion Star". So men, if you want to get that "JV man", classic look, I have a great place to start: John Varvatos UK from Robert Fuller.

A great, simple yet cool choice for summer is Linen Jeans. They're perfect for a yacht party, barbecue or even a leisure day out.

And if it's shoes you crave, fulfill your obsession with the "dress it up or down" Hipster Chukka Shoe.

Guys, don't miss out on these classic styles by John Varvatos! Shop online today!

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