Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Nicole Richie + Macy's

Today Macy's announced a collabo with tv star, Nicole Richie!

Since watching Fashion Star last season, I have a new found love for Nikki from a business perspective but I have been a long time fan of her fashion sense.

This fall, launching in 100 Macy's stores, Nicole Richie's exclusive collection of limited edition apparel will be made available for all to enjoy. The designs are based on Nicole's personal style, which we all love and will also be influenced by 1970's silhouettes, fabrics and prints.

Who's giving you a first look of the recently released design sketches? StyleMayvin of course...always keeping you in the know!

“Macy's is the epitome of American fashion,” said Nicole Richie. “Their iconic stamp on the world of retail has not only touched the lives of consumers, but has also become a significant part of pop-culture. I am thrilled to have this opportunity to work with Macy's and create a collection that channels the individual artist in all of us.”

And we are thrilled to see the entire designer capsule! This made-for-the-fashion-and-budget-conscious collection of "Nicole Richie for Impulse only at Macy's" will range in price from $49 - $149.


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