Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tele Virtual Shopping

My roommate from college (K) and I (T) both have very different tastes in fashion and I always wondered if it was an East Coast versus Midwest thing but whatever it is, we were both able to find Ernest Jones Earrings that we loved!

Tele-Virtual-Shopping if you didn't know, is when you're chatting on the phone with your girlfriend(s) while simultaneously shopping via the internet. I do this with my fashion obsessed friends all the time. It's almost like LIVE blogging with reader participation!

Anyway, during K&T's most recent cyber window shopping session we found cute yet simple and classic earrings that fit both our personality and taste. Wanna see what we selected? Of course you do! That's why you're here!

K has always been a fan of color so her first choice didn't surprise me one bit.
Silver Twist Hoop with Iridescent Bead

T: I have an affinity to diamonds. Just can't help it! And these little dangling beauties could add a bit of sparkle to any of my most refined looks.
Diamond Sphere Earrings

K...forever the professional Accountant, knows exactly how to compliment a tailored business suit for the boardroom while adding just enough flair to to flatter.
White Gold and Pearl Earrings

T...that's me, and of course I fell hard for the tiny Gucci Engraved Heart Earrings. I love them for myself but I know my daughter would adore them. She doesn't know Gucci just yet but "hearts from Mom" would put her on cloud 9!

Find your perfect pair of earrings today at Ernest Jones!

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