Saturday, July 14, 2012

White Stallion - Equus Auto Review

Dressed in all white, looking ever so classic and giving off an air of chic elegance, paired with just enough platinum to complement the look, it is a vision of opulence.

Then with further investigation, I uncovered a softer side. One that screams an invitation to get comfortable and bathe in the feel of butter soft leather. As subtle as cashmere but with enough structure to make the experience even more powerful, I accepted the opportunity and Mr Equus and I went for a ride.

I couldn't seem to come up with a more fitting name for the fully loaded Equus my friends at Hyundai sent my way. "Mr Equus" simply encompassed the respect this luxury car deserves.

This fine tuned ride with a powerful V-8 engine is by far the sexiest set of wheels I've had the chance to review thus far. It was like being with a celebrity because the paparazzi came out at the gas station, grocery store, dry cleaners, I mean...people just couldn't seem to get enough! Even following a trip to the pool we stopped for a photo op and the question of the week was, "What is that?"

I loved the attention, of course but as a Mom, I found quite a few additionally thoughtful interior design features of Mr Equus.

Thanks to Hyundai my kids were thoroughly entertained by the 8" monitor tv that pops up from between the two front seats...

...and when they got thirsty all they had to do was simply open the center rear seat console and grab a cold drink from the thermoelectric refrigerator. It works great for adults too! As demonstrated by my friend Meteza.

My daughter loved the feel of the seats and the rear courtesy lighting so much she actually asked if she could read her bedtime story in the car while parked in the driveway. The thought was so cute I had no choice but to grant her request.

Rarely if ever do I personally spend a lot of time in the backseat of the cars I drive but for this one, there was no need to twist my arm... I happily made an exception.

I kicked off my stilettos, turned on the seat cooler, put on some soothing music using the backseat accessible center console controls and with the push of a button, the front passenger seat moved all the way forward and the foot rest glided into place...all for my comfort. Then, as if that weren't enough, I enjoyed a fabulous massage in the comfort of my own car!

I swear, if this car came equipped with a pop up wardrobe closet from the monster sized trunk, I might have just moved in!

Mr Equus complemented my style...

...and was a joy to drive!

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