Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Chevrolet Sparks My Senses - AutomotiveSTYLE

Rarely do I attend a drive event without being asked, "So, what interests a fashion blogger as it relates to cars?" and my answer is always the same. For me..."it's all about style". Cars are stylish too right? I mean, if they weren't, who would the customer be?

Yesterday I had the awesome opportunity to hang out with the Chevrolet team for their 2013 Spark Media Drive Event - NYC. Of course, the official event photographer caught me and my drive partner for the day Rey, journalist for Rides Magazine checking in.

The day proved to be quite an interesting trip. Since facilitating a press drive event in NYC can't be the easiest thing, I was intrigued to see how it would all pan out.

Two of my favorites simply based on color alone was the "Techno Pink" and "Jalapeno". I had the opportunity to drive them both...Techno Pink with automatic transmission and Jalapeno with manual transmission. Yes...diva's drive "stick shift" too.

During the walk around I learned about all the cool features "millennials", the target audience for the Spark, would be into. Most of the info is embargoed for bit but what I can tell you is that the styling and interior designs of the car including the tech capabilities coupled with the fun nature and exterior color offerings, will surely attract a large percentage of the customers it's being marketed to.

Now...back to the drive experience.

The first stop was a former candy store turned "kitschy sound stage", Pete's Candy Store in Brooklyn (Williamsburg). We ran into MTV prepping for a taping and proceeded to invade their space a little...I just couldn't help myself!

Next up...Momofuku Milk Bar, an awesome little bakery bringing back the novelty of enjoying the timeless taste of milk and cookies with bit of extra flair. After a quick snack, it was definitely time for another photo opp with the stylish little Spark.

For me personally, the best stop was the last one. Bond no. 9 in NoHo.

I'm usually not that big on fragrances with the exception of my staple scents but this place holds the key to a number of really "unique smells". And with the assistance of one of the boutique's "master blender" associates, you can even create your own fragrance.

I fell head over heels in love with Master Blender James! How could I not? Just check out his shoes and our matching "I'm-Too-Fabulous" facial expressions! I'm telling you ladies, when you visit the Bond Street location, this is the man to see!

At the end of the day, new friends were made, new experiences appreciated and my senses were officially "Sparked". Thanks Chevrolet for fully embracing AutomotiveSTYLE with StyleMayvin!


Damn cute car! That being said, I really like the tech option in regard to it being a smartphone driven system. I am concerned this might be little too niche focused and the fact that 86% of people who come to purchase a vehicle end up purchasing something different from their original intention. The heart, not the head buys cars. Tech options might be a priority until you get inside and feel the fit of the car. Is this a fit for me? This is definitely a forward thinking vehicle, did I say damn cute?

I can see exactly how one can associate the Techno Pink car with fashion! It has girlie girl written all over it. Aside from its small size, I gather the fans sparked an interest due to the perks from the tech features and its fuel efficiency. Gotta love a stylish, fashionable vehicle that has LESS pain at the pump written all over it.

Thanks for the post, StyleMayvin!

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