Monday, August 20, 2012

Collectors...Get Ready!

A friend of mine once told me that he loves to purchase, trade and give away bracelets. It has a big significance to him of sharing and spreading love because they each have a story behind them. He told me that he never leaves the house without at least one bracelet on...I guess it's so that they are well traveled and encompass the positive vibes he outs out everyday. What a great idea right?

Since I'm all about spreading love and sharing my love of fashion, I decided to look for a few bracelets of my own in case I decide to adopt his tradition. Take a look at the Cholobo Jewelry I found! Each piece is simple yet fabulous and not at all overbearing but all have a personality of their own.

Ice Pop White Skull Bracelet

Ice Pop Yellow Peace

The skull and peace signs come in array of colors in case you want to stack them and create your own little collection.

I also loved the Freshwater Pearl Open Heart Charm Bracelet

Literally, "loved" the open heart style but want it in silver? Hey...they've got that too!

Sterling Silver Open Heart Charm Bracelet

Now of course, I couldn't stop at the bracelets...mainly because the Cholobo rings are just as snazzy!

This Haemitite Bead Puffed Heart Charm Ring is adorable!

And just so you case you want rosary necklaces or charms to further customize your jewelry pieces, Cholobo creates a magnificent collection of those as well. Stop by Burns Jewellers Group today and take a look!

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