Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Escape From The City

In the city that never sleeps it's often hard to find time to relax so the naturalist in me decided to take a short trip away from the concrete jungle and into a mini wilderness. Yes, divas do camping too...well, almost.

What's the best way to escape from the city in comfort and style? With the new 2013 Ford Escape of course!

It's sleek design and sporty appearance reminded me of one of my favorite American designs...the polo shirt.

See what I mean? Sleek and sporty all rolled into one! And the new grill is, shall I say, slightly threatening...but in a good and sexy type of way.

"Erica Escape" as I affectionately called her, had the appearance and polished detailing that speaks volumes to the "One Ford" initiative yet the cabin designs and materials made her look and feel quite expensive. Not to mention, the black interior totally complimented my Dalmatian print pants!

The "Intelligent Four Wheel Drive" made it one of the most enjoyable crossover drives I've experienced. I mean, who wouldn't love a car that adjusts to road conditions? Especially night driving, in the rain while passing a drive through Chinese food place! Huh? Yeah...I really saw that and had to document it. The things you see on the road...

Anyway, as I continued my drive the next morning to a peaceful, wooded oasis I noticed yet another awesome feature. Have you ever almost side swiped a car while changing lanes? Maybe while being distracted by lip gloss application...I mean, changing the radio station? Well the 2013 Ford has a little yellow indicator light that shines in the side mirrors whenever there's another car in your blind spot.

It's like having a passenger seat driver but in a very productive, non intrusive sort of way.

When we finally reached our destination, Erica Escape and I took in all the sights of nature.

It would have been "interesting" to go for a hike but these shoes weren't really made for walking...

More like relaxing...

Still, since I chose not to walk (very far), it was beneficial to have the rear camera to assist me in navigating my way safely through the vehicle trails.

I had such an enjoyable trip, that I hated to see Erica Escape go because there's nothing better than having a friend with the confidence of knowing she has an awesome back view in any given surrounding...

...it can really boost your self esteem too! Lol...Hey, you can always #GoFurther with Ford.


I surely wish I had "Erica" on my previous escape to the great outdoors with my daughters Girl Scout Troop. Divas do camp bit only with a few "big city" amenities, ie. indoor plumbing (too much to ask?). Needless to say my BFF's have the great idea to partake in part deux of our outdoor adventures and I will strongly suggest contacting our local rental car company to experience a true "Escape". By the way is there enough cargo space for a 5 foot 7, petite female? Sleeping quarters maybe? Just asking (don't tell the BFF's).

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