Thursday, August 23, 2012


When you work hard at your dreams and giving up is never an option, an opportunity for success will always present itself.
Introducing FLAUCY Fits and FLAUCY Queens...

This season, at the MAGIC Trade Show in Las Vegas, which just wrapped up yesterday, there was a new designer who for his first time showing, made a huge splash in the urban fashion waters. Could it be that we're looking at the next Karl Kani? No disrespect to Karl but I'm thinking Nate Willis is a new and improved short, he's a very creative man.

Seen above with hip hop mega star Swiss Beatz (left), Nate (right) explains the concept behind his designs. Developing the brand ranging from tees to fitted caps and cut and sew, he has racked up quite a following including Drake, who wore the signature "Owl" tee to last years BET awards and Sean Kingston (seen below) just to name a few.

My favorite look from the women's collection?

Yup...Paired up with my best fitting Cavalli jeans, a super sexy heel and I'd be ready for a night out with my girls! The nostalgia in the design of this top is both vintage and trendy. It's definitely a dress it up or down type piece.
So, what happens when you become MAGIC's rookie of the season? You draw massive crowds of people who all want to be FLAUCY...

...and watch the fruits of your labor start piling up. Congrats Nate! Go get 'em!
Find out more about FLAUCY Fits Clothing by visiting the website, follow on Facebook and Twitter @FLAUCYfits. Look out for it coming to a store near you!
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Congratulations for a job well done! I love creativity. Very Inspiring!
Thanks for the post, StyleMayvin!

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