Thursday, August 16, 2012

Just A Little Marc

The new Marc Jacobs accessories are almost too cute for words!

I love a good tee, having been a fan of Urban Outfitters' snarky little tees for years so I think this Marc Fist Tee would be a perfect addition to my collection.

Meanwhile, my BFF would say, "You don't need another tee babe. What you need is a new wallet!" Yes...I'm one of those ladies with the overflowing wallet and regretfully, it's not stuffed with money either. Mostly receipts which neither she nor I understand why I keep because I am horrible at returning things. Anyway...I'm sure that this Classic Q-Long Trifold Wallet could help me get organized asap! That's a hint for my BFF by the way.

A fab new timepiece is enough to make anyone happy so I had to smile nice and wide when I saw the Baby Dave 40mm available in three colors. The simple yet sleek design speaks for itself.

That's it! I think I might be in lust with Marc Jacobs...

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