Saturday, September 8, 2012

FNO With Ford + Vogue

Fashion's Night Out NYC was all types of awesome! From the most coveted events at "The Three B's" as I like to call them (Bergorf's, Barneys NY and Bendels) to boutiques and pop up shops all over Soho, it was definitely a fun evening for fashionistas of every age.

I decided to spend most of my evening with my fabulous friends at Ford Motors and new new friends at Vogue.

(Left: StyleMayvin, Right: Emily Holt -Vogue Fashion News Editor)

Together these two media and automotive powerhouses gave an invite only presentation of the new Ford Fusion and discussed how automotive and fashion marry.

Since that's right up my alley and something that I make it a point to focus on with my "AutomotiveSTYLE" content, it was only right to have StyleMayvin in the building! Plus...they have fancy drinks!

Needless to say, with the level of fashion inspiration and automotive innovation right there at my finger tips, it was the perfect way to kick off my evening of FNO fun.

And of course...there's never a time during any Ford event that they don't offer a little something special. Thanks for introducing me to Über!

I climbed into the fabulously fashionable Ford Fusion and off my Über chauffeur drove me to my next event! I must say that I and my stiletto clad feet thank you very much!


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