Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Road To The DNC With Toyota

The Democratic National Convention was a huge deal for the residents and business owners in Charlotte, NC as well as for the visitors and politicians so of course, with this being one of the biggest parties of the was an event the StyleMayvin team wouldn't dare miss!
Our friends at Toyota made the trip possible with a stylish red, yes...I said red, 2013 Camry. We realize that red is the color which represents the Republican party and we were coincidentally traveling to a convention for the Democratic party however, we - A. Love the color red, especially on the 2013 Camry,

...because it reminded us of the FW12 McQ Alexander McQueen, red wood double breasted jacket we fell in love with while shopping on Net-a-Porter last month.

B. When sharing any political information (and this is a first for SM), we wanted to be as open and fair as possible considering we would be covering overall political "party" style!
...and C. Red, white and blue really are very fashionably complimentary colors! Wouldn't you agree?

So, before the journey begins, there were a few things to consider. Most importantly, "what to wear?" because this ride certainly isn't your Mom's Camry! It was time to step it up just like the Camry's designers did and The First Lady, Michelle Obama and Jill Biden were the perfect examples.

Once the packing was done and it was time to hit the road, we decided to use a combination of Camry's navigation system as well as Scout by Telenav. If you don't have scout downloaded to your smart phone, you can get it HERE and let me tell ya, it is beyond a lifesaver!

We took it along during New York Fashion Week as well so stay tuned for more about this fabulous app.
Still curious about what made our experience in the 2013 Camry so enjoyable? Of course you are!
-It was super easy to drive wearing heels!
-Beautifully refined interior

-Side/Curtain Airbags...Safety first!
-2.5L 4-cyl. Engine
-Up to 25 cty/35 hwy MPG which was a great savings while traveling
-A longer life expectancy than almost any other car in it's class. This is what we in the fashion industry call "classic style"!
-New technology and a beautifully designed information center

-Priced at around $22k
-One of the most popular cars in the US...and who doesn't want to be the most popular girl, especially for all the right reasons?!?
Needless to say, a great time was had by all on this trip thanks to Toyota. We made it back safely and in style! Here's a few more pictures from the convention. Great job #TeamStyleMayvin!!!


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