Thursday, November 15, 2012

2013 Toyota Avalon - AutomotiveSTYLE

Toyota sets it's sights on a younger market with the new 2013 Avalon and the StyleMayvin was there to give them my stamp of stylish approval!

There's nothing like getting the first look at a new car design. It gets my blood flowing to think about just how many style conscious features I can find.

 Over the years the Avalon has seen quite a few changes and upgrades as the "big brother" of the Camry but now it's targeted to appeal to a younger buyer. My mother in law, who's actually quite fashionable by the way, owns a 3rd generation Avalon and it fits her style perfectly. Although I'm sure she would love to own the 4th gen Avalon but now, so would I!
The biggest reason to purchase this car? The emphasis on styling both exterior and interior. that's speaking my language!
With new colors for 2013 like "Moulin Rouge", a deep, super sexy red and "Champagne Mica" (bring on the bubbly!) to "Nautical Blue" and "Attitude Black" which we New Yorkers know there's nothing chicer than black, the Avalon designers went all out to express bold, aggressive luxury.

Plus the newly designed body and front grill not only enhances the aerodynamic performance, it's also simply gorgeous! It gives the car a look that is appealing to both men and women.

The interior also has a number of stylish new features and colorways to choose from.  I love having options in clothing, shoes, accessories and in this!

I rarely spend any time in the back seat but when I do it's great to know that all of the comforts of the front seat has been given to the back like heated seats! And they're plush too!

The new ambient light, interior smoke chrome trim detail..

...and paddle shift control functions not only give this car a beautiful upgrade but also makes it crazy fun to drive...especially on all the scenic yet curvy streets in Napa Valley. Yontville to be exact.
How about a closer look? Enjoy...


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