Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ford Taurus SHO - AutomotiveSTYLE

The different between the Ford Taurus and the Ford Taurus SHO is sheer sexiness!

I mean no disrespect to the Taurus (non SHO) but I must say that I had the opportunity to review them both and if speed and power is something you're searching for...this car has it!

Sexy even when gritty...

The SHO elevated my level of StyleMayvin-ness so much that I felt a mini photo shoot with 7images was in order. Check out a few of my favorite shots of me and my super stylish co-conspirator.

Now...doesn't that make you want one...or both. Lol. There's only one photography subject up for grabs though!
It's not just the exterior of the SHO, the interior is just as awesome!

And where does all that power come from? Right here!

Find out more about the Ford Taurus SHO Here!


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