Friday, November 9, 2012

Decide To Be Beautiful

I'm starting to realize that T.Strong, StyleMayvin simply CANNOT be all places at once so...a few of the greatest people on the planet have joined my team!  Don't be startled if you see a few new guest Bloggers popping up...they are definitely all SM approved!  

Fans and readers, meet D.Fuego...

OK... So, when one of my bestest friends in the entire world asked me to cover an event for her regarding Celebrity Stylist Keith Campbell at the legendary Limelight known to celebrities, socialites, fashionistas and fashion knights, club heads, and drag queens from all over the world as the place to party from the 1970's to the early 2000's... with a history as rich as the renown Studio 54... Need I say I was excited?? No. I shouldn't have to. Wouldn't you be? Of course.There you go -- Self explained. But wait!! Then I received the details... Wait for it... It's a HAIR event??... For the release of a second book?? I thought, "What am I going to do with that?" No clue! I'm just a dude that sits in my barber's chair with strict instructions for him and rarely double checks my new haircut in the mirror before hopping out the chair, paying Menol (my barber), and running out the door. But I better figure it out. And FAST! Darn it! Why did I commit to doing this? 

Why was committing to this event so easy, while committing to wearing my black patent leather Louis Vuitton loafers so damn difficult? However, before I committed to the shoes it was already a done deal... I had to do it... And I must admit, I was doing it reluctantly. Until I showed up!

 While approaching the venue, all I was fixated on were the legendary Limelight cathedral doors, bright lights, celebrities, stantions, step&repeat, red carpet, live performance, and REFRESHMENTS!!! That's right, this is a HAIR event! A Keith Campbell HAIR event that is... Which appears to be a lot different from the other hair events I've attended in the past which is exactly why I initially dreaded going. But after this experience, all I wanted to know is when is the next one? 

Keith is my new "homie". He had the attention of all in the room. Especially with the help of his beautiful hosts: Grammy Winning Pop Artist Melanie Fiona, Grammy Winning, Soul singer-songwriter Chrisette Michele, who is a big supporter of the American Heart Association and I had the privilege of working with at the 2011 Power Awards, and Roc Nation Pop Artist Bridget Kelley. 

Above: Keith Campbell

Above: Melanie Fiona

 Above: Chrisette Miichelle

 Above: (l to r) D Fuego and Bridgette Kelley

Each young lady introduced my homie *clears throat* , Mr. Campbell, to the crowd and shared memorable moments about their hair and why they have worked with Keith so long and decided to be a part of this special project. “DECIDE to be BEAUTIFUL”, Keith's second book, sends a strong message to everyone everywhere. This could be an especially strong message to women in general but during political times such as this, when your rights in the United States are up for discussion, it truly speaks volumes! 

Your beauty starts when you decide it will -- Inside and out. No one can make it happen for you, but you... But isn't it good to know you have stylists like Keith Campbell and T Strong, the StyleMayvin here to help you be your own catalyst? Just sayin'... Get the book. Contact T Strong at for more information..

Now watch Keith do his thing!

D. Fuego


Smooth read. And hilarious. Not a fan of hair shows but the vid looks fun! Somebody got cussed out tho... Lol

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