Thursday, December 20, 2012

10 Holiday Party Looks

As a blogger and a style enthusiast, the holidays are a time when I am invited to a multitude of events, ranging from small client cocktail parties to black tie galas. It's a pretty busy time of year. Not to mention, as a wife and mom of three, I still have to get prepared for Christmas! The cherry on top? Well, both my oldest son and I have December birthdays! So as you can imagine, I am usually almost ready to be committed by this time: four days till Christmas.

Yet, time stops for no one and the celebrations continue.

One of my favorite things to wear during the winter season is white. Yes, I'm sure your grandmother's old myth about wearing white after Labor Day is ringing in your ears right now, but guess what? That rule is so passe. White is chic all year-round, and that's true for any shade of it. It doesn't have to be restricted to "winter whites" and ecrus, no. As long as you are confident wearing it and the fabric (which IS very important) is correct for the season, like a wool or heavy cotton, you will be right on trend. Here are two ways I would pull together the perfect, classic white look.

My favorite color is blue, and I tend to love it in every hue. Not the traditional color of most holiday dresses, blue stands out in a crowd and that's pretty important in my book! You know how you can walk into a room and there's that one person who immediately catches everyone's eye? I mean for a good reason, not because she's scantily clad or because he is loud and obnoxious. This person is noticeable not just because they may be wearing a pop of color. It's about HOW they wear their outfit of choice, and I found two dresses that I could personally rock at any holiday party. And you know this girl loves all things sparkly!

Now, if I'm looking to pull out all the stops at a black tie holiday event, this would certainly be my go-to dress if my purse (and my husband) would allow it. Can you imagine walking into the party, fashionably late of course, wearing this? I'd say I could rival any celebrity on the red carpet in this baby.

By now I'm sure you are wondering what has happened to the suggestion of wearing the always fabulous, tried and true Little Black Dress, or LBD. Well, the classic LBD is still not only acceptable, it's one of my faces too. You simply can't go wrong unless you choose an inappropriate length, however the LBD is more exciting with a few upgrades. Whether it's side laces or cutouts that show just a hint of skin, or a simple, yet beautifully embroidered piece, its all about the little details when considering any LBD. My top pick? Take a look!

Every now and again, I like to do something a little less traditional for a holiday party. It's what I like to call "dress it up, dress it down," which is the perfect combination of formal and casual, and another look I call "effortless chic." Again, because I love to wear white this time of year and pairing it with black makes a bold statement, I can achieve the "dress it up, dress it down" look by doing something like this elegant yet semi-casual top with an overstated, ballgown-style skirt.

Or when I want an "effortless chic" ensemble, it looks a little something like this. Note: to get this look right every time, be sure to choose one standout trend item. A great design example here is this peplum shirt.

And finally, what's a night out on the town at a festive holiday gathering without sparkle and faux fur? I'd say BORING! Here's a look I would wear to spice up the evening, and one that would rule the night for sure!

Oh and of course, no look is complete without the perfect shoe, and I love all of these!

Now, who's dressed any ready to make this the most stylish holiday ever? I know I am!

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I love the sparkle of this holiday season! My fashion quest for the holiday party circuit? A long-sleeve fitted sequin dress...a la the Badgley Mischka sequined scoop-back long-sleeve cocktail dress (preferably with a 50% off sale tag!) I would DEFINITELY get noticed in this number! Happy Holidays #StyleMayvin

I love the last pair of sequined shoes; pink is my color!

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