Monday, December 10, 2012

Holiday Travel Tips

With the holidays right around the corner, there's going to be a lot of hustle and bustle at the airports. Tis' the season to travel right? Whether you're visiting family or planning "the great holiday escape", why not do it in style?

Now...once you're all packed and ready for your flight, let me offer just a few tips, and do's & don'ts or what I like to call "the chic traveler check list" to make your journey smooth.
First, triple check that you have packed all chargers for your electronic devices. This is key for those who want to stay connected while away and actually it's important for even those who don't. You never know when an emergency might arise.

Second, eat a light breakfast or lunch depending on your travel time. Fruits is one of my favs.
And third, go online at home or via your cell phone to do an express check in. If your airline allows it, do it! You'll save a lot of valuable time.
Next, what should you wear? Go for something that's stylish yet cute and comfy. Here are my Do's and Don'ts:
*Do ~ Dress in layers. A light cardigan, your favorite blazer or a simple scarf can come in handy on the plane while a bulky sweater could be an absolute nightmare!

*Do ~ Wear comfortable shoes that are easy to remove at the security check point but don't go too frumpy. I find that loafers are always perfect because they have no laces and can be worn with trouser socks to keep your feet protected.

*Do ~ Be sure to create and pack your travel survival kit in your carry on bag. This should include items like hand cream, a good book, a stain removing/cleansing pen in case of a spill, lip gloss, your favorite blush or bronzer...whatever small items you simply can't live without!

*Don't ~ Wear a belt or lots of bulky jewelry. Security tends be a stickler for removing all those things and there are much easier ways to accessorize to make a style statement like a pair of gorgeous earrings or an interesting headband. And as I mentioned before...the perfect scarf could also easily complete your look.
*Don't ~ Carry a lot of small bags. Most airlines' limits you to two bags which includes your fabulous designer purse so remember, check it or compact it!
*Don't ~ Stress! The Holidays are supposed to be joyous and when you feel beautiful and prepared, having the right attitude comes natural. Bring your "patience" and everything will be just fine!
Safe travels and Happy Holidays!


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