Monday, December 10, 2012

Stylish Stocking Stuffers 2012 - Speck!

What's your most coveted piece of technology? Is it your iPod, iPad, iPad mini or iPhone? It's probably something that begins with an "i"...and since I'm all about protecting our most coveted items, today's Stylish Stocking Stuffer giveaway is a Speck iPhone 5 case!

And I wouldn't be the StyleMayvin if I gave one of my readers just any old case right? With that in mind, Speck cases are quite special! In fact, earlier this year, Elena Slivnyak, a runner-up on season 10 of Project Runway revealed her latest NY Fashion Week collection that was inspired by Speck iPhone cases! So yeah...that means they are all quite chic! Speck is a fashion-forward company obsessed with designing perfectly-fitting and stylish cases... and that places them high on my list of must-haves!

Now, if you've been paying attention and diligently entering each of the Stylish Stocking Stuffs giveaways this year, you probably already have an idea of how you can win but for those just joining the's what you need to do:

* Follow @stylemayvin on twitter and tweet me: "@StyleMayvin All I want for Christmas is a #Speck iPhone case! #StylishStockingStuffers"

* Go to Facebook and "Like" the StyleMayvin FAN PAGE and post the comment: "All I want for Christmas is a #Speck iPhone case! #StylishStockingStuffers"

Listen, make it easy for yourself...simply copy and paste the comment to ensure you get it all in and do it NOW! The contest ends at MIDNIGHT tonight!


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