Wednesday, February 20, 2013

iLuv My ReF Headphones - TechSTYLE

New York Fashion Week is my favorite time of the year but as a Jersey girl, the hardest thing in the world to deal with can be rush hour train rides. Luckily for me, from NJ Transit to the NY Subway, I had my newest best friend right by my ReF Headphones by iLuv.

Fashionable and sleek these earphones were comfortable enough to wear during my commute and stylish enough to wear with every look. 

The canvas exterior makes the vibrant color (comes in 4 fabulous colors) pop even more and because I was literally on the go all week long, the fact that they collapse so easily made my transition from commuter to glamazon a super quick process. They fit perfectly in my Badgley Mischka bag along with my favorite reading material for the week...The Daily, of course.

Honestly, because the blizzard of 2013 decided to hit during fashion week, ironically enough, my ReF headphones served as ear warmers as well.  The soft yet durable "deluxe cups" were excellent insulation from the cold and the noise of the city.  I could enjoy every song from my iPod and stay warm all at the same time!

The old school Converse-inspired canvas material on the headphones made them a hit with everyone I encountered. But the best part...I was able to use them with my iPhone and the Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone I was reviewing as well! The built-in microphone and a SpeakEZ remote allowed me to receive calls, replay my favorite songs and adjust the volume all in one simple touch! These are all reasons why my new best friend goes everywhere I go. And just like any great couple...we wear matching outfits.

The ReF Headphones are Fashion and Technology fuzed together... as they say "Fashionology" and that's the perfect term for them.


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