Thursday, February 14, 2013

LXR & Co Brunch - MBFW

Attention ladies and gents!!! Do you love vintage luxury pieces as much as I do?  Well, I've got a great secret source for you to find some of the best accessories around... Shhhh, don't tell anyone but LXR & Co is your go to source for vintage luxury must haves.

During this season's New York Fashion Week, I was invited to the LXR & Co Presents Luxury Vintage Handbags & Accessories Showcase celebrating the launch of the website with a brunch and cocktail reception at the Empire Hotel. And who doesn't love hanging out at the Empire Hotel?

As a fashion journalist, the opportunity to break away from the shows at Lincoln Center for just a moment to unwind, grab a bite to eat AND enjoy fashion accessories at their finest, was extremely welcoming.  So, of course I said yes!

Any excuse to have a mimosa...

And when I stop to think about it, seeing these fabulous pieces actually require no excuse at all!  It was well worth the time spent.  Take a look at some of the coveted vintage items I found and fell in love with!

I had a great time as can be seen by the huge smile on my face and the mimosa in my hand but I have a tip for all of you who might want to treat yourself to something stylishly awesome for Valentine's Day, THIS website is where you want to go...

...just don't snag the red one.  I would like to bring her home with me!

Smashing photos taken by Moi with my fantastic Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone.  Thanks guys for the phone!  Now, that's truly TechSTYLE by StyleMayvin!


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