Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Got Envy? - TechSTYLE

Recently, I had the opportunity to experience the new HP Envy X2 but not only was it an awesome lesson in technology, it was also a lesson in style and design...two of my favorite things! The adventure culminated at Dwell Studio in Soho.

Just to be able to hang out in such an inspiring space was enough to tickle me pink. Yes...even at 9am! (That's me in the pink jacket getting my social media on...as always)

And what a beautiful space Dwell Studio is!

Who's the fabulous designer of these awesome pieces, you ask? Meet Christiane Lemieux! Oh and please do stay tuned for my interview with her, coming soon!

Feeling very inspired, being surrounded by some the most beautiful interior designs I've ever seen and enjoying a stylish breakfast... well, let's just say HP made my morning.

 I mean...what's a great start to an awesome day without a mimosa?

After a little mix and mingle with fellow journalists, designers and other style influentials, we were finally about to be introduced to the HP Envy X2..."TechSTYLE" at it's finest!

All of the attendees having been tasked with bringing photos that resonated with them and inspired the feeling of Spring, and after listening to Christiane speak on her creative process, we were all ready to make our own unique "pieces". As you can see, opening the HP box was for me... like Christmas morning. Hey...what can I say? I love being a stylish techie!

After a few clicks on the "touch screen"...

...and a little input from the professionals...

All of the collages we made using our inspiration pix and the HP Envy X2 came out fabulously!

And of course...no StyleMayvin moment would be complete if I didn't take the stage at some point! I loved sharing my ideas and the duality of being able to use the Envy X2 as a tablet as well, made my presentation super easy and fun!

So, if you're still debating whether or not you need the Envy X2 in your life...well, let me put the top coat on your nail polish for ya... It's easy to use, stylish and lightweight to carry AND it has the power of 2 devices in one... a little something we in the fashion industry like to call a "two-for" (a two for one deal). SOLD! I've got mine and it's a keeper for sure...Thanks to my friends at HP!


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