Friday, March 8, 2013

Heels To Keep An Eye On

This shoe fetish I have is totally going to get the best of me! I find that I have seriously adapted the term "ShoePorn" into my everyday conversations. It's getting a bit bananas!

What I'm obsessed with this week are shoes with faces. Yup, you hear me right...faces! It awakens the risk taker in me and that's always a good thing! These shoes create a spectacular lOOk from the bottom up!

Charlotte Olympia - Leading Lady Glitter Platform Sandal, Silver ($945)
Just look closely...there's a glamour portrait of the fabulous Rita Hayworth. I love this updated, old Hollywood style!

Alice + Olivia - Stacey Face Pump ($360)
She not only has big glasses and a smoking hot red lip, but she's a swoosh of stylish tresses as well.


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