Bags For Days - Oscar and Anna

What's better than a NY based handbag line?  I can't seem to think of a single thing!  What about you?

New York-based handbag line, Oscar and Anna, recently introduced their latest collection of luxury leather handbags for the Fall/Winter 2013 season. Yes, I know we are all still just becoming excited about the break in the weather in NY so why am I focused on F/W again?  Basically because these bags are so rockin, I just couldn't help myself!

The fusion of functionality with sleek design in this seamless collection make them timeless and trendy all at the same time!  I mean really, a "two way" clutch? LOVE!
With the modern woman in mind, Creative Director, Anna Zefferys, has introduced new structured designs that teeter on the edge of masculine and feminine, with a unique use of strong lines and sinuous curves. Inspired by the Golden Ratio as seen in nature and classical design, Zefferys has developed a collection of expertly crafted handbags that offer both style and practicality. Understanding the needs of cosmopolitan women who are often on the go, each bag offers unique hidden compartments for organization and multiple ways to wear it, allowing the wearer to easily dress each bag up or down. 

And...every Oscar and Anna bag is designed and produced in the New York City Garment District to support the local economy. That's the best reason to buy, no? 

Prices range from $185 - $1,195


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