Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Coach Flagship In Tokyo

I have yet to visit Tokyo however it's definitely on my list of places to see.  Outside of the cultural aspects of visiting such a beautiful place, I know that the fashion influences are...oh shall we say unique? ...and that's putting it lightly.

Check out the unique-ness of the new Coach flagship store on Omotesando, a prominent retail corridor in Tokyo.  The space is designed by Shohei Shigematsu and OMA’s New York office.

This is when style and architecture truly meet! And all in the name of fashion...gotta love it!

The flagship design features a façade of 210 stacked, translucent display boxes in a herringbone pattern of vertical and horizontal orientation that accommodate the brand’s wide repertoire of products. In addition to the façade, OMA designed a “floating” tower of 105 illuminated acrylic units that encase the store’s central stair, drawing pedestrians to the upper level. Consolidating the display on the facade and circulation creates a condition in which the shopper is continuously surrounded by Coach’s products, while simultaneously liberating floor space. Sounds haute right?

Coach Japan President and CEO, Daniel DiCicco said: “We are delighted by the limitless possibilities to utilize OMA’s design, which provides an innovative environment to curate our full range of lifestyle merchandise. It is certain to become a shopping landmark in Tokyo.”

I wanna go to TOKYO! Who's with me?


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