Friday, June 7, 2013

Fragranced Goods

This is such an awesome idea and gives new meaning to sweet smells wafting through the air.  The Artisan glove maker, Maison Fabre has launched perfumed leather gloves and are available to preview in the Maison Fabre boutique at la Cour des Senteurs de Versailles... just in case you're in the area. 

In honor of the opening of the second Maison Fabre boutique, the brand has launched three limited edition product lines including scented candles, small leather goods (bags, a wallet and a laptop case) and of couse scented  customizable lambskin gloves. They are available in ten colors ranging from brights to classics and can be customized with a natural talc with a scents that lasts all season. So, if you forget to spray on your favorite note this fall/winter, it's quite alright. These gloves will have your hands covered. Literally. How unique is that?


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