Saturday, June 1, 2013

Optimus G Whiz! - TechSTYLE

The LG Optimus G is one monster of a smartphone. It has a massive 4.7-inch, true HD IPS plus display screen that makes my tiny "not to be named" phone screen look like an infant!

When I initially opened the box, I was a bit thrown off by the Optimus G's size but quickly got used to its unique differences. As a style connoisseur I am all about embracing something new. Although the look of the phone is much boxier than expected, it is surprisingly comfortable to hold and have conversations at length. Yeah...I tested that for sure. Internally, the quad-core processor is super fast and I actually grew quite accustomed to responding to Facebook and Twitter friends using it.

Wanna know what else I loved? Of course you do!

  • Gorilla Glass 2 protects the display from scratches
  • 13-megapixel camera
  • 16GB of internal storage 
  • Impressive battery life (I used it very heavily all day without having to recharge!)
  • 280 x 768 pixel resolution and colors that pop!
And the photos I was able to take with this phone's camera...Simply amazing!

See for yourself!


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