Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Fashion and Music - BET Awards 2013

I'm still in party mode following this years BET Awards!

If you watched the show on TV, you know why but if you didn't... BET was gracious enough to share video footage with all of the media outlets in attendance so let's take a look at my favorite performances! And believe me...if they seemed hype on TV, please know that they were even moreso in person!

THIS...as my friends all know, although my readers may not, is my kind of music for sure. So when BET decided to include a reggae/dancehall set, I didn't dance in my seat hunny, I danced in the isle! Pay special attention to the style in this vid...caribbean flavor!

In my book, he's one of the very best.  Simply known as "The R" and his jacket is super fabulous!  Only a true performer could pull that off.

And last but not least...and believe me, it was hard to choose my top three performances, but I fell in love with Ms. Erykah Badu's hat. Fierce!

Once again, THANK YOU to Ford Motor Company for sending me to the #FordHotSpot to cover the activities in their social media lounge at the 2013 BET Awards! Truly an awesome weekend chocked full of excitement!


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