Thursday, August 1, 2013

H&M Online? heard me right! H&M merchandise is now available online for your shopping pleasure! And since reports say that the online apparel market will double in the next decade, this is a very smart move.

TODAY marked the first day that the discount retailer H&M made their e-commerce debut. As a previous Retail and an avid Shopped, I know that all chain stores do not receive the same merchandise. Most often, the trendiest products and styles go to the top stores like 34th Street NYC however, ordering online should give you a better chance at snagging looks not available in your local stores. Speaking of which...I have friends who live in Charlotte, NC and news was recently released that a H&M store would be opening there soon.  Well guess what friends? The wait is over! Check out the website for yourself!

I do have a couple of quick tips for ordering on line with H&M though.  Please be sure you read the fine print.  One thing I know for sure is that for returns, you must ship merchandise back at your own expense.  In addition, the merch cannot be returned to stores for any reason. So with that said, beware of the Swedish sizing! American size 4 and Swedish size 4 are totally NOT the same.

Watch out competitors!


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