Thursday, August 8, 2013

Virtual TravelSTYLE?

I don't know about you but when I first discovered that fabulous little green bottle of mineral water, San Pellegrino, it was love as first taste.  Pair that with the experience of my very first trip to Rome and I've got memories that last a lifetime.

Many Americans have a love affair with Italy – its people, art, cuisine and lifestyle. Its hills and piazzas evoke the vivid pleasures of life with timeless beauty. The pure enjoyment of life and the richness that Italians experience is like none other. I was totally unprepared for the level of awe and excitement I was in for during my first trip to Italy with my BFF.

Today, San Pellegrino Sparkling Fruit Beverages kicks off ‘Three Minutes in Italy,’ the first ever telepresent escape to Italy. What is a "telepresent escape" you ask? Its a first-of-its kind venture that lets you step into the Italian lifestyle right from your own computer. Such an ingenious idea right?

The San Pellegrino brand is giving you a chance to enjoy the Italian lifestyle for yourself. Wouldn't you love to take a break from the ordinary by immersing yourself in the beautiful village of Taormina, Sicily? Of course you would! Engage in the culture and heritage, take in the traditional architecture and the picturesque vistas and even converse with local Italians. It’s truly the ultimate momento!

And now that I've gotten you all ask "HOW?"! Through an application on Facebook, consumers can choose between two live experiences. The first is an interactive experience that allows users to “stroll the streets” by controlling a ground-based robot for three minutes.  Through a two-way audio/video connection with built-in language translation capability, users can interact with the locals, for example, practice their Italian. The second allows for a more scenic, relaxing experience. Consumers can use the “Skybot” to take in the stunning vistas from high above and enjoying the  breathtaking views of the unforgettable Sicilian coast. It's really almost like being there in person!

Click HERE to experience Italy for yourself!!! But don't wait too long! From August 7th – 17th experience ‘Three Minutes in Italy’ by visiting:


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