Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Who is Phoenix Keating?

Here's the of my favorite PR firms, L.E.R. PR now represents Phoenix Keating! And this amazing Australian designer that will be launching his first collection in the U.S. this fall for Spring/Summer 2014.

 Fashion designer, Phoenix Keating established his eponymous fashion label in 2009 and it wasn’t long after that his daring designs began to capture the attention of A-list stars like Lady Gaga. Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, Keating always had an eye for the dramatic and from an early age aspired to be an actor. Yet, by the age of 17 when working on a high school project that involved the design of a two-piece outfit, Keating knew that fashion was his calling. I love these types of stories! Dreams = Reality when you work for it!

Shortly after finishing school, Keating turned his entire focus to design and his first collection in Spring/Summer 2009, launched to rave reviews from local Australian press. Infusing each piece in his collections with a touch of eccentricity, drama and creativity, one can never mistake a Phoenix Keating design, and his attention to expert tailoring shines through from season to season.

Keating’s designs are always inspired by powerful, strong women (and of course that's what I live for!) who can stand their own ground in any situation. Each collection is accompanied by a story that he creates, and predominantly presents a fusion of retro and ultra-modern inspiration. The juxtaposition (<---i a="" and="" be="" both="" classic="" collection="" created="" each="" futuristic="" is="" keating="" love="" nostalgic.="" of="" p="" progressive="" that="" the="" to="" trademark="" with="" word...sidebar="">

Phoenix continues to push the limits of fashion with his passion and flare, and as the line debuts in the U.S. market for the first time in Spring/ Summer 2014, the Phoenix Keating vision is set to reach new heights.

For more information on Phoenix Keating or to browse the current collections, please visit


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