Wednesday, September 11, 2013

DVF Oasis - MBFW

Diane von Furstenberg is by far one of the classiest designers in the industry. She's an icon, a veteran and very in tuned with who she wants to see wearing her brand. The long and the short of it is that she can envision woman of EVERY color in her clothing and guess what? She presents it in such a way that the viewer, audience member or Buyer can see it as well.

Each Fashion Week season there is talk of how skinny the models are and/or the absence of color. No, not fabric colors but the diversity of the models. DVF has been recognized this season as one of the designers who is not only sensitive to the lack of "color" on the runway but also as one who ensures her shows are more inclusive of models, no matter their race, who have the talent to walk the catwalk for her.  (See GMA video coverage HERE) And it doesn't hurt to have Naomi Campbell close your show!


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