Friday, September 20, 2013

Nokia Lumia 920 - TechSTYLE

Once upon a time... there was a girl who loved a particular phone SO MUCH that she thought she could never live without it...and then she did.

I've had an iPhone for years and am always testing different phones so when I had a bit of an accident with my personal phone last month, I thought I might just cease to breathe. I mean a blogger and a serious social media mayvin, I literally live with a phone (or some form of technology) in my hands at almost every waking moment of the day. Rightfully so, I was spazzing out!

Then, along came a Windows phone that I wasn't too sure about in the beginning, however as the story continued to unfold, I fell madly in love with the Nokia Lumia 920!

Not only did "the girl" love the new phone because it came to her rescue in her most urgent time of need but also because aside from being an attention grabber with it's fabulous bright yellow color but also, it had just the right technology she needed.
  • The PureMotion HD+ display is the world's brightest, fastest and most sensitive touchscreen
  • An innovative design that allows you to charge up without ever plugging in!
  • Free music streaming with Nokia Music.
  • Durable hardware for those "butterfingers" people like me!
  • Nokia Smart Camera lets you take a sequence of photos, and then tell the story you want. 
Take a look at a few photos I captured during New York Fashion Week...everything from Street Style and the famous Burberry Dogs to a Vivienne Tam model in motion...literally. Even found a nice shot of myself multitasking inside the tents at Lincoln Center that my assistant for the day snuck in. 

Speaking of cameras...I know you've all seen the media coverage on the Nokia Lumia 1020 and I just cannot wait to get my hands on that one! My readers know I LOVE LOVE LOVE taking pictures so it will be interesting to compare its abilities against some of the other camera phones I love.

For the moment...let's just say that my new Windows phone changed my life and we lived happily ever after. 


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