Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Beauty In The Beads

I am so excited about yet another fabulous style event I attended recently! The global launch of a fantastic line of jewelry... Introducing, X by Trollbeads.

In a fast-paced world where the role of self-expression is becoming instantaneous through the rise of social media – defining yourself is vastly important. X by Trollbeads jewelry range was launched globally in September and allows the owners to carry a stamp of unique expression around with them at all times.

Renowned Danish jewellers Trollbeads have created X by Trollbeads, a unique take on personalized jewelry.  The cutting edge design uses high quality silver, bronze, gold and black Rubber X links that connect with a “simple twist”, to create bespoke bracelets and necklaces.

 The raw elegance of a customized X by Trollbeads piece is a bold expression of the wearer’s style.  Each link has a compelling personality of its own, from rock chick symbols such as guitars and musical notes, to ultra-modern links inspired by pixels and city skylines, and personal and creative symbols representing love and Chinese zodiac animals - their unexpected combinations can tell a highly individual story about the wearer. In fact, I had my eye on the skull link which I absolutely LOVE and my favorite piece was the "Love" bracelet. I'm a hopeless romantic with a dash of a bad girl, rocker streak! 

The rooftop setting for the event created an extremely stylish vibe...

...and the panel discussion with: Former co-host of What Not to Wear, Wayne Scot Lukas, Beauty and style expert, Jenn Falik, Founder of Saucy Glossie, Lindsey Calla and Designer of X by Trollbeads, Nicolas Aagaard was intriguing and very informational.

 During the talk, attendees were randomly asked how they would use X by Trollbeads if given the opportunity. Well, remember that rocker girl I mentioned who's living on the inside of me? She, of course, said "I'd use them to create a chain for my boot." Yes...I just quoted myself but hey it's an awesome idea so a quote is warranted. I hope I'll get to try out my idea one day soon!  In the interim, it was as if the ladies who stuffed the gift bags read my mind...

I got my very own X by Trollbeads "LOVE" bracelet! Yaaay me!

About the designers: 
Kåre and Nicolas are individualists who have been working together for several years. Each brings a complementary set of skills to the patnership: Kåre’s background is in furniture design, having studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts; Nicolas spent many years studying and designing jewellery making and is part of the third generation of Trollbeads artists from within his family.

Kåre and Nicolas were honored to be asked to design for the X by Trollbeads collection, relishing the challenge of having to rethink their approach and develop pieces with individuality and a feeling of ‘raw elegance’. 

We wanted to step back from the traditional Trollbeads feel, bring in the outside world and create X links that were bold, with a more ‘urban’ feel”. 

As with the whole X by Trollbeads collection, the team’s pieces have strong aesthetic appeal and span a range of emotions. There is the playfulness of pieces like “Hugging Bear” and “Lots of Love”, with its splendid array of miniature hearts delicately arranged on the X link. Likewise, there is a humorous creativity and design to “Fat Bird”: “Every time I see it, it gives me a little smile”, says Nicolas.

Others have a bolder, more contemporary feel: “Pixels In Love”, is a tribute to the random collision of elements that create memories for life, while “Skyline”, with its modern, pulsating metropolis that never sleeps, speaks of endless possibilities. Others, such as “Lucky Spider”, “Clever Cat” and “On the Road”, relate to myths, traditions and different ways of seeing the world.  

“We set out to create X links that were different; with style, character and diversity so that people can get their own emotional meaning from each one. When we make an X link, we try to give it life”. 


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