Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Chanel - Spring 2014 Paris Fashion Week

In addition to the expected Chanel look, Karl Lagerfeld took tweeds, pearls and bob's to even higher heights for Spring 2014. Models wearing bob hairstyles from black to brown to blond and the most beautiful oversized pearl chockers I've ever seen, were two of the first things I fell in love with. But then, it just kept getting better!

Lagerfeld then fed our artistic senses with sharing the common ground between art and fashion. When describing the artistic nature of the tweeds, Tim Blacks, writer so eloquently said "In fact, they (the tweeds) weren't even tweed as we know it: They were some indefinable multi-processed hybrid of de- and reconstructed stuff that was then mounted on tulle to create outfits that were identifiable as iconic Chanel. Phew! And you can only imagine Lagerfeld's delight at fooling all of the people all of the time." There's no way I could have explained it better! And the brightly colored paint swatch fabrications...I die!

Take a look at what I call when classic-traditional meets creative, right on trend.

Great job Mr. Lagerfeld! As per usual...


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