Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Design With A Purpose

“Design with a Purpose: Built Tough” panel brings together Ford designers and American Institute of Architects New York members to discuss what it means to build tough and to design something that stands the test of time. Like fashion, if you don't build a something that lasts, it simply becomes a fad.

I did a piece on the Ford Atlas previously because I was intrigued by the truck but also because I was even more intrigued by it's designer. To find the creativity and style in any and everything is really my purpose and the main reason I share my views here on the StyleMayvin blog.

So, how do Architects and Automotive relate? Trucks and buildings are expected to provide functionality, safety and long-term reliability, but both are also expected to stand apart from the crowd.

Since debuting in 1948, Ford F-Series trucks have pushed the boundaries of what built tough means. New materials like high-strength steel enhance durability, while added features such as improved braking systems and productivity screens that display fuel economy and towing information make it easier for users to get work done. Similarly, advancements in architecture research and technology have led to new designs and to improved living and working conditions. And isn't that at the top of the list of what we look for everyday?  A way to improve our life and how fabulous we look while we live it!

Ford Motor Company and the American Institute of Architects New York are hosted a private luncheon and panel discussion that was intended to explore parallel design trends between the iconic buildings we admire and the powerful, utilitarian Ford F-Series trucks used to help build them. Cool idea right? 

I'm always in Manhattan shopping and it always amazes me when I look up at some of the buildings, even though I've seen them many times before. I recognize that some New York City buildings are actually symbols of the city and like Barney's New've gotta be there to experience it.  

Many of the architectural structures are iconic around the world and just like them, the F-Series trucks have earned recognition as being synonymous with endurance and power. These buildings and trucks signal authority, while at the same time blending into the environment to which they belong. Isn't it nice to blend in, yet still stand out? That reminds me of eye-catching jewels or a pair of haute heels. It's all about having a conversation piece and when your look-of-the-day, the building you frequent and the car you drive all evoke "social chatter"...well, that's a winning combination.


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