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Recently, I had the opportunity to preview some of hp's hottest products including their newest line of tablets and PCs. There's nothing like getting a media sneak peak before products even arrive in stores and by the looks of it, hp is locked, loaded and ready to take over the market this holiday season with 10 new devices! 

One thing I love about attending NYC media events is the chic, northern hospitality... 

...and for this event, I  absolutely LOVED the opportunity to mingle with a couple of designers from one of my favorite TV shows, Project Runway! Project Runway alum Dmitry Sholokhov, most recent Project Runway WINNER Dom Streater, and DJ Robbie Wilde brought their art to life during the event.

Dom Streater and I even created a fabulous print! Well, maybe I'll leave her to the designing.

My favorite? The hp Envy Leap Motion SE Touchsmart Notebook! I had so much fun playing with the Leap Motion technology and can't wait to get my hands on some of the other devices and really put them to the test.

The hp new launches included:
  • Envy Leap Motion SE Touchsmart Notebook
  • Windows 8.1 Ultrabook
  • Omni 10
  • Slate 7 HD
  • Slate 10 HD
  • Pavillion 11 X2
  • Chromebook 14
  • Spectre 13 X2
  • Slate 8 Pro
  • Slate 7 Extreme
Find out more about all of the new products HERE!


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