Saturday, November 23, 2013

2015 Lincoln MKC - AutomotiveSTYLE

I am completely in love! SUV's (crossovers) are my cars of choice for everyday driving. I like them because of the amount of space they offer and when it looks as haute as this one, there's no way you can go wrong!

The Lincoln Motor Company’s reinvention took a major step forward with the unveiling of the all-new 2015 Lincoln MKC small premium utility vehicle.
The Lincoln MKC is a unique creation from the ground up with an assortment of first-in-class features. Its all-new 2.3-liter EcoBoost® engine offers excellent performance while its ingeniously implemented wraparound liftgate is an example of masterful customer convenience.

Lincoln MKC is a perfect blend of inspired automotive design and dynamic driving performance in a segment that has grown in popularity in recent years,” said Jim Farley, executive vice president of Ford global marketing, sales and service and Lincoln. “As a challenger luxury brand, entering this segment is a natural next step for us. MKC will do more than just compete – it will change the way people think about Lincoln.”

In the past, Lincoln may have been seen as a brand for an "older" customer but this MKC, gave me so much life! It's youthful, vibrant and modern design is reminiscent to the AMSALE "Noah" wedding dress...perfect in every way. Silk taffeta corseted bodice with straps and full skirt? A sleek, sculpted body with its "high beltline and low shoulders"? Yes...both the dress and the MKC possess a luxurious, sophisticated personality.

Then there's the interior of the MKC. It embraces driver and passengers alike...complementing and maybe even overshadowing whatever ensemble you may be wearing! And its new and innovative technology personalizes the MKC ownership experience. 

My favorite style features?
  • Inviting, plush leathers with French stitching
  • Optional Bridge of Weir leather
  • Real wood trim
  • Panoramic, all-glass Vista Roof® 
  • Lincoln’s signature push-button gear shifter
  • Owner Approach Detection illuminating “welcome mats” 
  • Soft exterior lighting
  • Signature split-wing grille

So, as Soo Kang, Lincoln interior design chief said, “Our use of colors, materials, stitching – every detail was considered to create an overall luxurious experience.” And that my dear is what you call success! From sketch to reality, just like any beautiful design, it is my pleasure to fully take in the MKC in all of its glory...

...Now I just need to drive it! Stay tuned...


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